Here’s our specials from the Kitchen!


We hope everyone is having a great day as we get a little closer to the weekend.  Check out our specials for the day.



Soup of the day is Broccoli Macaroni & Cheese. $4.95

Steamed Mussels Penne – w/ spicy marinara sauce mixed w/ penne pasta. $15.95

Blackened Chicken Hero – Blackened chicken breast pan seared topped w/ sautéed mushrooms and melted cheddar cheese and served w/ French fries. $14.95

Beef Stew & Mash -Fresh vegetables w/ chunks of beef stew meat over fresh mashed potatoes $14.95

Fresh Salmon Salad – Pan seared salmon w/ spinach and quinoa salad and tomato relish $18.95

Today’s dessert is Oreo Mouse cake topped w/chocolate syrup and whipped cream. $5.95

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